Chapter Twenty – Big fusspot

Tag has never relished the pimping and preening that comes with showing, and at our first show at Ballymoney his hindlegs fired out like missiles in quick succession. Things have calmed greatly since then but I don’t think he will ever be like those lovely cobs that stand and love all the attention of getting make up on and their feet painted. In our camp, hoof black gets splattered everywhere due to Tag’s distinct annoyance at having to stand still for such an inconvenience. It is also highly amusing when I put Tag’s lycra hood on after he has had a bath.

The first couple of times he wouldn’t move, he wouldn’t eat, he actually barely blinked. I thought he had got himself so wound up being bathed, that he was getting colicky. It was hilarious. He still goes to the back of the stable when he sees the blue hood coming, but at least now he can still function, well a bit better anyway!


So our show season in 2017 finished at Castlewellan, where we were entered in the ridden horse class and the racehorse qualifier for Tattersalls. We finished a very proud second in the ridden horse class, and although our show could have been improved, it wasn’t too shabby. Tag was happy enough with that and as he refused to walk past the exit of the ring, deciding that he had done enough, the other racehorses joined us for the next class. Following our ride out we were pulled in fourth and then moved up to third after the judge had ridden him, just missing out on the Tattersalls qualifier which was for first and second only. So it was a good day at the office, but again we had fallen a bit short of achieving what I thought we were capable of.

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