Chapter Twenty Two – Birthday Treat

Happy birthday to me….. and Tag. That’s right, today is Tag’s ‘official’ birthday. He was born on my 30th birthday, what a present I got and didn’t even know – probably just as well as I might of needed to choose between him and going to see Robbie Williams 😍🤣 I do find it very strange that, of all the days he could have been born, the 2nd of June was when his mum, Catherine the Great, had her foal. So we’re both Gemini’s, the twins.

I have recently had the huge pleasure of becoming an aunty to triplets, with twin girls and a boy making up the beautiful trio. And although the girls are ‘identical’, they are nothing alike – spare a shared ability to delight those they meet. So us Gemini’s are – if you believe your horoscopes – essentially individuals with a split personality. Well, Russell Grant, that sounds about right. I go to work looking like my colleagues; navy suit, make up on, hair clean(ish) and shoes bought from a high street store.

But within half an hour of being at home after work, I look like Compo from Last of the Summer Wine and if anyone in work could see me they probably wouldn’t recognise me! I love being studious and was regarded as a bit of a ‘swot’ by my fellow students at college, but hand me a pair of wellies and you’ll find me head to toe in muck quicker than you can say ‘tomboy’. Tag also struggles with the idea of how a Gemini should handle being torn in different directions. Racehorse/riding horse, calm/wound up, well behaved/complete nightmare. It’s all or nothing and a middle ground is hard to find.

As we spend our birthday show jumping I had said that he really needed to put his heart into this, pull on his big boy pants and give it his all, and he did. With 4 faults in the 70’s and 80’s he put in a much more assured performance than last week. Thank goodness. Onwards and upwards, let’s hope he can keep it up.

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