Chapter Twenty Four – Travel Sick

As I’ve mentioned, Tag has never been a big fan of his travel arrangements and I have spent many a fraught hour trying to persuade him to walk up that blasted ramp. I can safely say his stubbornness has pushed me to the limit many times. And those poor people who have tried to help me out when it comes to loading him, realise very quickly that outside assistance is usually what makes the situation implode and Tag become even more stressed than before. I know everyone thinks they have the solution for a bad loader, and don’t get me wrong, I have sat on the ramp at shows muttering under my breath as other people bring out every implement they can find to entice/coax/force/practically lift, their equine that seems to have turned into a rocking horse. But the reality is, unless you are Monty Roberts, nothing short of good old fashioned patience is going to work.

easy to load

Originally Tag was afraid of the journey and the destination, so there was no chance he was going to risk either, and although I hate to speak to soon, for the last couple of outings he has walked straight on to the trailer behind me – even without the bait of my daughter’s pony, standing dutifully waiting on him. The first time I thought it was a fluke, but as he’s now done it about six times, I feel confident to say that he will load ok…..

But of course this is Tag and things would never be that straight forward, so now when he strolls on to the trailer and everything is in place and we drive off, he starts to behave like he’s on the waltzers at a fairground. Scrabbling for his balance and trying to steady himself as he takes lumps out of the trailer (and his hocks) and scares the wits out of himself, and me. So we have a new challenge, and although I haven’t truly started to deal with it yet, of course I have a plan – one which involved going onto to ‘done deal’ and imagining it was feasible to put a deposit down on a big swanky horse box (not happening) and two, a slightly more realistic idea, is to travel him on his own with the divider moved so he has more room to spread his legs, and stay still. So, his loading problem didn’t last, but it has now changed, so we’ll deal with it like we have before – with a quart of gin and a lot of debate with my horsey friends 😉

#dearsanta #mydaughterreallyneedsahorsebox #mummyhashertrucklicence #ipromisetobegood #okjusthalfthegin

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