Chapter Twenty Five – And relax…

This post has been a bit delayed as I’ve been off doing ‘normal’ family things, with not a horse in sight (bar the two who happened to be on the beach as we went on our seaside adventure, and I managed to refrain from cooing at them for too long 🤷‍♀️).

We went camping. *sharp intake of breath* And when I say camping, I mean in a tent, not ‘glamping’ or ‘camping pods’, or these other fancies that would have Bear Grylls jumping off another cliff 🙄 But I’ve roughed it many times with the horses, and a tent could quite honestly be regarded as luxury compared to some of the stable lofts I have entitled ‘bed’ for the duration of a show.

But I know for some people a camping trip would not be regarded as something ‘normal’ but as a rather good reason to file for divorce or to claim justifiable cause…. Because let’s face it, it’s nothing like home. The sleeping arrangements are fairly uncomfortable, there’s no wi-fi, there are two children and it’s 30 degrees; so some people might just be right.

Nevertheless that’s what we did, and guess what we had a great time! Swimming in the sea, bbq’s, al fresco dining, all very nice things – when the weather is good. Unfortunately in this country that is generally not the case, and going for a hack wearing waterproofs – in July – is fairly standard, for those living on an island famed for its greenery.


So Tag had a few days off, something during the winter he isn’t fond of, preferring to stick to his conditioned routine of working hard in cold, wet weather. But even so, being a TB you would assume that during the summer months he was well equipped for the soaring temperatures, but he’s not. He really does not like the heat and gets his knickers in a right knot as soon as he breaks into a sweat. I’m not sure whether it was the heat or the lack of oxygen sleeping in a tent, but I decided – post-camping – that it would be a good week to take Tag cross-country schooling again – for the first time in two years.

Well talk about a work out, between his own nervous exhaustion and huge suspicion of every jump I pointed him at, combined with my unfitness for riding not only in crazy heat, but also going a bit quicker than a medium trot! Tag was as white with sweat as I was bright red like a fire hydrant. We both needed hosed down, what a pair we are!

So he eventually gave in to going up and down banks, over logs and tyres and seemed to quite ‘enjoy’ it by the end. Because it had been so long since we had done anything like that, I was apprehensive before we went, and spent the morning talking myself out of and into it again, in quick succession. But as always, when the voice in my head (that has all the confidence) wins, I always feel better afterwards and I’m now planning my next outing.

So, wasn’t it lucky that I had decided to take it easy while it was so hot and not put any pressure on us except to stay hydrated and fly free and get a suntan, oh and maybe relax a bit??!! Well of course my idea of relaxing might be different to someone else’s, someone that didn’t have horses and a ridiculous amount of energy 🙋🤔🤷‍♀️ But as far as I can see, when you’ve the energy for a tent and all it entails, you’ve pretty much nailed it 🛏🥂 #carryoncamping #campbedsarenotforwimps #thisismerelaxed #heisnobetter #necklikeacharolaisbull #doeshydrationincludewine

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