Chapter Twenty Nine – Horsey Holidays

My ‘real’ job, that helps pay for my ridiculously expensive ‘hobby’, is in marketing. So you would think that when it comes to advertising campaigns, I would be wise to the trickery that surrounds the promotion of products to make them more appealing to consumers. ‘More volume shampoo, flawless concealer, false lash effect mascara’, all products that I currently own and firmly believe they do exactly as they say they will… 🙋🤔🙄 So when it comes to the equestrian world, my filter for this form of brainwashing is completely broken and I’m sure Tag really welcomes the benefits that come from being shinier, fly and tangle free 🤷‍♀️. Consequently, the annual road trip to Dublin not only becomes an endurance test on the legs – “I want to go up to Simmonscourt, I need the toilet, I’m hungry, where was the stand with those nice hats…?” – it also gives a reality check on the solidity of your willpower. This could be the strength to resist buying a new pair of leather boots (that you could not possibly live without) or whether you can resist the urge to be in the Long Bar before 2pm, either way the pressure is on.

As horsey trips hijack any disposable income that otherwise might have been put towards a ‘normal’ family holiday, when I find myself at Cavan or Dublin, I am in full on holiday mode. Dangerous territory. And something that the kids take full advantage of as they see the normally frugal mummy, soften/weaken, and slushies, crepes and milkshakes become part of the daily dietary routine. “I’m on my holidays…” is thought and only sometimes verbalised, for fear of going completely rogue. So Dublin was its usual charming self, where we met up with old friends and made memories that will keep us going until next year. Maybe Tag will be part of the experience next year, or maybe not, either way I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. #betterstartsaving #detoxstartsnow #moneycantbuyhappiness #butmynewleatherglovesmademesmile

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