The green-eyed galloper

Clearly unhappy with my marital status, Tag broke my wedding ring finger (self diagnosed, obvs) when I caught it on his headcollar, as he struggled with me to gallop off for a frolick round the field. Now after nearly six weeks of managing to bang/catch/pull my dodgy digit on nearly everything I touch, it’s still a bit sore, but I can get a ring on again. With knuckles like squished plasticine – like many equestrians – I often struggle with hand jewellery and my wedding ring still won’t fit on my finger. But there’s definitely worse problems to have and the wearing of a bit of bling is well down the list!

As new year approaches everyone gets a bit reflective and having spent many a Hogmanay in Scotland, I now understand why my parents always got quite emotional as the bells struck 12. As a child I did spend a few of these moments locked in the toilet – worried that I might have to endure a teary eyed kiss from a whiskey warmed relative – only coming out when the search party started to get worried. They do say that whatever you’re doing at midnight is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year, pretty accurate for me that spends half her life in the loo!!

As for New Years resolutions, I’ll play it safe and just plan to be the best possible version of myself – which I can assure you can be tough enough!

Tag will continue into 2019 practicing his own version of ‘elastics’ (my personal favourite childhood playground game) and eating lots of carrots. But he’s only got until the 3rd of January and then the playtimes over, he’ll be clipped, get a mane trim and the work will start in earnest. I actually can’t wait, but I’ll take the good of the ‘rest’ while I can. Let’s hope for a peaceful new year and lots more happy, horsey memories to be made.

#outwiththeold #warmwhiskeykisses #iwillbeinthetoilet #asperusual #happyhorseynewyear

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