Cocky or confident?

Even when I’m not sure of much else, I know that when I’m in the saddle, or even in the company of equines, everything that I am, kinda ‘clicks’ into place. Having recently ‘unclicked’ myself – with a back that decided it needed a rest – it has given me a chance to have a bit of distance from what I am doing with my riding and evaluate what I really want to achieve. So I asked the physio (through gritted teeth) what sort of timeframe I was looking at and he said that I could probably get back in the saddle by the end of this week, but there are two problems with this;

1: I think his mental image of me horse riding would be akin to a ‘Hello’ magazine photo of her Royal Highness, cruising round Balmoral, on a Fell pony that has a foot in each corner (and I’m totally rocking the headscarf 😳). Which is as close to my horsey reality, as I am to becoming a Princess.


2: The truth is I’m just not 100% yet, so the likelihood of the aforementioned ‘non-fell pony’ (Tag) behaving like he is carrying the Queen – to allow me to build up my muscles again – is as likely as him being knighted.

So being in a right royal dilemma, I set about finding myself a quiet horse to ride, just for a few hacks until I got going again. But guess what? it turns out not many people have them – and I thought it was just me! But although the offers of a steady neddy weren’t forthcoming, there was of course a good chat about how long it would take me to get back on track and what shows this would allow me to go to.

And as someone suggested that would leave me enough time to be ready for Dublin show, what became apparent is that everyone has their own mental milestones and bucket list of shows/competitions/events that they are subconsciously aiming for. Some said Balmoral or Dublin horse show, for another it was a 1 star event and for some the goals were much more local.

But wherever the finish line is in your head, you can be sure there’s a good chance there won’t be a direct flight to it and everyone has bumps in the road like I’ve had – some better and many worse. But it is having the resolve and self belief to keep going, that can make a winner (Piggy French is an excellent benchmark for this 😍).

My son recently said he thought Lewis Hamilton seemed too cocky, so he didn’t like him. Well since I don’t know Lewis, I can’t really comment on his character, but I do know that if he doubted himself at all, when he’s driving a formula one car at 200mph around a racetrack, the consequences could be disastrous.

So as always we are back to confidence, which frustratingly is hard won and easy lost. So when I get the confidence that my body will support me to achieve my goals again, we’ll keep aiming for the finish line. In the meantime we’re just going to try and stay on the tracks!

#quietponyanyone #steadyneddy #wonkeydonkey #backtobetter #keeperlit #nogutsnoglory

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