The ‘story so far’ is detailed here in Chapters to get the full background on my journey with Tadhg to this point. The more up to date blog posts are on the ‘home page’.

In The Beginning

Chapter Two – Flying solo

Chapter Three – What an education

Chapter Four – Life Sucks

Chapter Five – Tally ho!

Chapter Six – Routinely helpful

Chapter Seven – Down under

Chapter Eight – The Hangover

Chapter Nine – A Sense of Purpose

Chapter Ten – Reality Bites

Chapter Eleven – Family Fortunes

Chapter Twelve – A New Life?

Chapter Thirteen – Show time!

Chapter Fourteen – Roadtrip

Chapter Fifteen – Oh hindsight

Chapter Sixteen – Raceday

Chapter Seventeen – Sense and Sensibility

Chapter Eighteen – And The Living Is Easy

Chapter Nineteen – Lady Luck

Chapter Twenty – Big fusspot

Chapter Twenty-One – Ground level

Chapter Twenty Two – Birthday Treat