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Double the trouble

Well, my ability to write anything of any substance, has been fogged over the past weeks by the arrival of the pressure cooker, aka the ‘festive period’ and all that goes with it; school concerts, nativities, Christmas nights out, excessive eating, drinking baileys for dessert and generally indulging in behaviour and being in situations, that … Continue reading Double the trouble

Chapter forty – The carrot or the stick?

I recently enjoyed watching some of the highlights of the Cheltenham Festival – through my fingers of course - and I usually find myself hugging Tag a bit tighter afterwards, quite certain that I could never watch him racing. Not because I don’t love the sport, of course I do, but I have always struggled … Continue reading Chapter forty – The carrot or the stick?

Chapter thirty eight – Horses for courses

With the huge array of breeds and cross-breeds across the nation, there is no shortage of different personality traits when it comes to horses. And we've all met them; the ridiculously clever ones, the nervous ones, the athletic ones and the can't get out of bed ones. Over the years I have always enjoyed imagining … Continue reading Chapter thirty eight – Horses for courses

Chapter Thirty Seven – Generation X

Writing about my adventures with Tag and then posting them on-line using Word Press and Facebook, is something I find both exciting and scary in equal measures. And I don't think the nervous feeling I get when I click on the 'publish' button will ever leave me. But what motivates me and makes it truly … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Seven – Generation X

Chapter Thirty Five – Better the devil you know?

At many times I have questioned whether I should replace Tag for an easier model - and some still think I should. But after four years, a lot of the guess work has gone out of having Tag as part of the family. And although it would definitely be boring without any more surprises, I … Continue reading Chapter Thirty Five – Better the devil you know?