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Chapter Thirty One – How do you solve a problem…?

I would like to think that my children are fairly well behaved, based on feedback from other parents, teachers etc, I think they are doing ok. But how do you really know and what benchmark should we use for assessing this, for example if we were to follow the example set on the television, what … Continue reading Chapter Thirty One – How do you solve a problem…?

Chapter Twenty Nine – Horsey Holidays

My 'real' job, that helps pay for my ridiculously expensive 'hobby', is in marketing. So you would think that when it comes to advertising campaigns, I would be wise to the trickery that surrounds the promotion of products to make them more appealing to consumers. 'More volume shampoo, flawless concealer, false lash effect mascara', all … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Nine – Horsey Holidays

Chapter Twenty Seven – As good as a rest?

Change. A word that can strike fear in many, as the prospect of dealing with unknown places, situations, people, threatens to upset the status quo in someone's life. Change can be very unsettling, upsetting and disruptive, particularly if children or animals are involved. But change in life is not inevitable, it is certain. My knowledge … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Seven – As good as a rest?

Chapter Twenty Three – Ringside Judges

Even the most experienced and confident riders have moments of doubt. Have I done enough? Have I trained hard enough? Have I pushed myself far enough? Very often the best way to quieten the voices of doubt, is to get out there and see how you compare to your competitors, hopefully proving to yourself that … Continue reading Chapter Twenty Three – Ringside Judges